North Dodge Elementary Title I Survey
34 responses
How important is parent engagement to a student's academic success?34 responses
Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantImportantVery Important73.5%17.6%
Not Important1
Somewhat Important2
Very Important25
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Does the school give you opportunities to be involved in your child's education?34 responses
0102030YesNo29 (85.3%)5 (14.7%)
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Do you feel welcome at your child's school?34 responses
0102030YesNo30 (88.2%)4 (11.8%)
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During this school year, how often have you visited your child's school?34 responses or twiceEvery fewmonthsMonthlyWeekly ormore2 (5.9%)8 (23.5%)6 (17.6%)8 (23.5%)11 (32.4%)
Once or twice8
Every few months6
Weekly or more11
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When is the best time for you to attend a school event for parents?34 responses
Before SchoolDuring LunchAfter schoolIn the evening8.8%38.2%52.9%
Before School0
During Lunch3
After school18
In the evening13
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Did you participate in the following parent activities and opportunities for parental engagement and partnership?33 responses
01020303 (9.1%)12 (36.4%)7 (21.2%)10 (30.3%)1 (3%)25 (75.8%)4 (12.1%)
Parent Advisory Council3
Parent Teacher Conferences12
Annual Title I Parent Meeting7
Revising of the Parent Engagement Plan and Parent/School/Teacher Compact?1
Open House25
Volunteer Opportunities4
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Do you receive written communication from the school in a format and language that is understandable?33 responses
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How confident are you about your understanding of the content that your child is taught in the classroom, and what your child is expected to know by the end of the school year?33 responses
123450510152 (6.1%)1 (3%)6 (18.2%)11 (33.3%)13 (39.4%)
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What are the best ways for you to provide input regarding your child's school?33 responses
Attend meetingsPhone callEmailComplete survey online24.2%30.3%30.3%15.2%
Attend meetings8
Phone call5
Complete survey online10
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In your opinion, what barriers prevent parents from participating in more Parent Engagement activities at the school?19 responses
Lack of interest (2)
No babysitter
Work and scheduling
Work schedules; lack of knowledge concerning opportunities to engage in school activities
The time in which they Are held
To be honest, the cliques need to go away. It shouldn't matter WHICH town the student lives in...we are all Dodge County Indians. We need to come together and focus on the education...NOT the social status. I have tried to join PTA and get more involved. I think I have a great relationship with my child's teacher and principal...but that is as far as it goes. After that, it becomes high school all over again. You have to be in the clique to be heard.
Work schedule
busy schedules, other engagements, work
la idioma
Work schedules
Lack of transportation and work hours
No barriers
Need to work
Most parents do not have the time
talking back
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What ways can parental engagement be strengthened at your child's school?13 responses
More communication between parent and teacher
Offering more reminders and a variety of activities for engagement. For example, ask for parent readers/mentors/tutors at various times. Many are willing; they may just need someone to ask them to participate.
More contact with teacher or more accessible...I am a teacher and I keep my line of communication open to my parents through text, calls, facebook, and facebook messaging. I feel that the teachers aren't accessible through very many lines of communication and they may not all be that way
Notes home concerning student's positive academic and behavioral successes.
As said above, if the cliques went away and parents felt comfortable enough to talk to teachers and staff...then parental engagement would be strengthened. I also think it would be a great idea if you had parents from every town (Chester, Milan, Chauncey, Rhine, etc.) not just Eastman on the committee. This way, if some students' parents in this town needed/wanted to give opinions they wouldn't be so intimidated to talk to someone or share ideas. Every parent in this school should be heard and they should be able to be involved.
keep up the good work, monthly school newsletters would be neat
Availability of the parents
More meetings
Well satisfied
Not sure
need way more parent involvement at the schools
i dont know i just give up on shamaiya
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How would you like to see parental engagement funds used?32 responses
Fund a parent resourcecenterProvide academic materialsfor parentsProvide transportationassistance for parents toattend Title I events at theschoolFund technology resources atthe school12.5%65.6%18.8%
Fund a parent resource center4
Provide academic materials for parents6
Provide transportation assistance for parents to attend Title I events at the school1
Fund technology resources at the school21
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Did you sign a School Compact at the beginning of the school year?32 responses
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How often do teachers communicate with you about your child's progress?32 responses
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